Company policy

We are living in a period of human history in which changes of all kinds (social, economic, technological, etc.) are occurring faster than ever. We even have the feeling that the pace of change will increase.

For this reason, in 1987, AMES felt that it had to lay down its beliefs as a company in a single, “solemn” document: values that were firm, solid and constant over time, that served to define us as a company and as individuals belonging to it, and that would guide us if we were ever disoriented by the strong changes that surround us. We therefore drafted the first version of our Business Principles and its companion document, Ten Commandments of Total Quality, at a time when total quality was beginning to be discussed among companies that aspired to excellence.

The principles of AMES define our culture and what we think we should do in order to be a model company, seen from inside and outside. They make us a strong company for the future, in which all members can go to work knowing that they will find a place where they can fulfill themselves personally and professionally, where the work environment will one of friendly fellowship and technological progress, and where they will find a company always looking towards the future with enthusiasm and drive, but with its feet on the ground. We also want these values to be perceived by our customers, who must feel confident that by purchasing our products and hiring our services they will receive the best possible treatment, and products of the highest quality and technology at the best price.