Integral tooling manufacturing

Tooling is a key element for the manufacture of powder metal components. This is the production element that defines the shape of the component and that most contributes to its dimensional accuracy and its dimensional stability in the process.

The tooling used for compacting and sizing components and the tools used for quality control, machining, assembly and other complementary operations are designed and built within the AMES group.

The tooling is designed at the Central Technical Office and the first set, used for the prototyping phase, is produced by the company AMES Tooling, which is located onsite at AMES headquarters and is equipped with the most advanced toolmaking machinery. AMES Tooling carries out integral management of toolmaking and provides great flexibility in manufacturing.

When the tooling has been validated at the initial samples stage and any required modifications made by the Central Technical Office, the final production version will be built by AMES Tooling and by certified local subcontractors.

Powder metallurgy provides dimensional accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimeter, but the accuracy required for the tooling is a few micrometers, and in some cases less than one micrometer. This accuracy is achieved thanks to the expertise of our staff in process design and manufacture and, of course, by making the tooling with the best computer numerical control (CNC) machines available on the market: electrical discharge machining, profile grinding, high-speed machining centers, etc.

AMES tooling

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