Training is the best path to innovation in technologies and working methods, and a differential factor of progress.

The mastery of productive, administrative and commercial processes means that all members of AMES must have a high level of knowledge. Training allows people to acquire and transmit this body of knowledge and practical skills.

Training is also the basis for continuously generating improvements. The appearance of new technologies and working methods, whether generated in-house or adopted from outside the company, lead to significant changes when they are incorporated by AMES. Training is the first step towards introducing and standardizing these developments effectively.

At AMES we give an average of 45 hours of training per person per year, which comes to a total of 55,000 hours of training. Most of the training takes place in-house, with about 200 of our staff acting as teachers to pass on their knowledge and skills.

AMES also collaborates with 14 vocational training schools in setting up Dual Vocational Training cycles, with 5 Universities in organising academic projects for students, and with educational departments through in-house tutors.

Training activities are considered strategic by the management of the company, which is actively involved in detecting training needs, in developing the Annual Training Plan, and in facilitating recognition for training.

Training is also the basis for continuously generating improvements

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