AMES is a company that is clearly committed to technology and innovation and strongly committed to society. It therefore wishes to be an organization in which all individuals and groups (staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society) are linked to meet their short- and long-term expectations.

This approach involves the following commitments:
To the staff, so that they can achieve professional and economic fulfilment and perfection, and enjoy the highest level of safety.
To customers, in order to meet their expectations in terms of technology, price and service.
To the suppliers, in order to establish lasting and trusting partnerships.
To the shareholders, so that their investments show a return over time.
To society, in order to make available products and services that are useful and therefore contribute to its improvement, whilst respecting the environment, creating wealth for the whole country, and integrating in the towns and cities where AMES does its business.

These commitments can only be met if all the people who are directly involved (staff and shareholders) and all those who also contribute to its existence (customers, suppliers and society) accept and meet their commitments to AMES.
The staff contribute their individual commitment to professionalism, accountability and integration with the overall goals of the company.
The shareholders have a commitment to maintaining and, whenever possible, gradually increasing their investments.

As for external actors,
Customers and Suppliers are expected to fulfill their contractual commitments with the utmost care and efficiency.
Society is expected, through its governance, to continue fostering the development of AMES so that it can create ever more wealth in all geographical areas where it operates.

César Molins PhD
General Director of AMES