Research and development

Research is one of the mainstays of AMES. It is a strategic activity within the group, as a key element for ensuring the strength and continuity of AMES in the present and in the future. Through research, AMES aims to do the following:

Offer innovative products to satisfy unmet needs of the market.
Improve the quality and competitiveness of existing products.
Create new manufacturing processes aimed at processing new materials.
Improve processes to increase process reliability and product repeatability and reduce production costs.
Increase the diversification of the AMES group, opening up new markets by developing new products and innovative solutions.

The technology center AMES PM Tech Center is composed of a main laboratory dedicated to the development of new tecnologies and materials, being back by specific laboratories which are located in the specialized production plants. The R&D policy of AMES is to provide tis technology center with ample funding, staff and material resources:

R&D Team including PhD’s in Metallurgy, graduates in Chemistry and Materials Science, Mechanical engineers and highly skilled technicians.
Great variety of equipment for mechanical characterization and testing, metallographic equipment including a scanning electron microscope, equipment for determining magnetic and other physical properties (like corrosion testing, STA, etc.), and equipment for conducting chemical analysis. It includes a pilot plant for processing of new materials before they are taken to the production stage.

The technology center AMES PM Tech Center collaborates frequently with Spanish and International Universities and Research Centers specialized in different disciplines according to the particular type of project.

AMES Research and development
The technology center AMES PM Tech Center
equipment for mechanical characterization and testing, metallographic

The Central Technical Office, operating within the R&D Area, is responsible for designing the tools and manufacturing processes, and has computer-aided engineering (CAE) programs for the simulation of forces to which the tooling and components are subjected.

AMES may recommend the most appropiate material and design to meet your needs